Drug testing

Say NO to Doping

Doping controls are top priority at WNBF

The backbone of the WNBF brand image is strict compliance with doping controls. We attach the highest importance to ensuring that our athletes are doping-free, so that we ensure fair competition among ourselves.

The use of doping agents is strictly prohibited

Only athletes who have not taken banned sub-dances for at least 10 years are allowed to participate in competitions of the WNBF Germany. The WNBF Germany doping controls are
compliant with the official banned list of substances of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and other substances which the governing body WNBF considers problematic.

Each athlete is always responsible for taking supplements and medications and is obliged to read the prohibited substance lists and to comply with the
supplements and medications. WNBF Germany regularly carries out doping checks. Each athlete must be
Competition to perform a polygraph test and the top 3 of each class must give a urine sample. WNBF Germany may also conduct unannounced doping tests outside the competition season based on random or suspected doping. Any refusal and negative test will result in an immediate ban of at least seven years and will be sanctioned in accordance with the guidelines of the Doping Commission. The cause of a positive test is irrelevant.

What happens in a polygraph test?
A polygraph test is a lie detector test that takes place in the days just before the competition. This test contains some questions about the use of doping agents and is
carried out and evaluated by an expert. Each athlete is required to take a polygraph test and only a passed test grants participation in a competition.

What happens during a urine test?
The top 3 of each class must submit a urine sample after receiving the placement. The urine samples are tested and evaluated by an independent accredited laboratory. WNBF Germany reserves the position until the evaluations are announced.

For questions or uncertainty: info@wnbf-germany.de

WNBF Germany reserves the right to publish positive doping tests. The legal redress is