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Emmanuel Adejoh

So very proud to have contested in the first ever WNBF Germany International Open Championship where I also won the men’s BB heavyweight class, the BB overall and the BB Pro Card. It was a wonderful experience for me being my first time competing in the WNBF and I must commend the organizers for organizing […]

Iuliana Enache

“Hello! My name is Iuliana Enache and I am 33 years old. My experience with WNBF Germany was a huge success for me. I had already participated in 2 competitions two weeks before one week after the other (2018 Italian National Championship-WNBF Italy and 2018 UK International Championships-UKDFBA in Coventry). I won my category in […]

Sandra Werni

Zum ersten Mal veranstalteten Teresa Schumacher und Maximilian Trieb die Internationalen offenen Meisterschaften im Rahmen der WNBF GERMANY. Der Wettkampf selbst war von Anfang bis Ende sehr gut organisiert und man spürt egal ob als Athlet, oder als Zuschauer, dass Teresa und Max mit Herz und Seele bei der Sache sind! Ich möchte mich von […]