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WNBF Germany

The WNBF was founded in 1990 in the USA and, in addition to the American core organisation, comprises worldwide partners in Mexico, Canada, the Philippines, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, India and Colombia. Argentina, Australia and in Europe Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, UK, Armenia and Spain.

The mission of the WNBF and its associated associations is to provide a platform for competitions without substances or drugs and without any exceptions. Through over 25 years of stringent doping controls, the WNBF has established itself as the world’s most respected natural organization.

The WNBF acts under the slogan “where the elite competes”. The focus is not only to provide a competitive platform for natural athletes, but also to be a teaching community for fitness, health and bodybuilding.

WNBF Germany

Der WNBF Germany eV ist ein Bodybuilding- und Fitnessverband, der Wettbewerbe für Sportler in Deutschland anbietet. Sie ist der exklusive deutsche Partner der WNBF, der World Natural Bodybuilding Organisation.
und gehört damit zu einer Organisation, die seit 1990 Geschichte schreibt.


Teresa Schumacher, WNBF Pro Bikini & WNBF Germany Präsidentin/Gründerin

Max Trieb, WNBF Germany Vizepräsident & Jurypräsident


Why WNBF Germany?
We focus on the athlete and stand for 100 Antidoping.



Wir sind besonders stolz eine enge Beziehung zu unseren Kooperationen zu pflegen.

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